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We learned a lot last year.  Then we learned more by testing new things for this year. Please surf the site, note that there is a lot more information available on posts and via the many and diverse scoring reports and leader boards.

HUGE KUDOS to the BMR2012 finishers who have contributed time and energy to test things for 2013.  They have submitted over 1,500 test bonus attempts to help improve BMR2013 for everyone!


Did You Know:……………

  • On the scoring menu, you can view various leader-boards that score the entire rally from scratch every time that you “click” on that page.
  • You can sort by any particular rider -and when you do this, it will also show you the rider’s bio (if that rider has chosen to provide one)
  • You can sort by any bonus theme, this inlcudes personal pictures and even posts that did not meet the criteria for points.
  • You can get a listing of all the bonuses that a rider has earned (yep, really).
  • You can get a listing of all the riders that have earned a particular bonus (yep, really).
  • You can give your own “People’s Choice” to any post and we’ll track and let you sort the most/least popular submissions..
  • You can comment on any post and cheer on your favorite rider and encourage the riders that  you don’t know.
  • Clicking on the header (image) will take you “home”.

Bonus collection
* Pictures will nearly always require: Bonus, Bike & Placard (BBP)
* Generically speaking, getting close-up shots of your BBP’s results in the best pictures.

Bonus Codes
Every bonus submission that you send in will have a unique bonus code. These codes will be in your rally pack.
+ You must enter the bonus code in the subject line of your email.
+ All personal pictures must have the code “PP”

- When entering bonus code in your subject line, there is no crime against also entering a description (ie:  ”BB999  World’s largest ball twine”).
- If your phone is an antique or does not have a subject line field, please let us know, we have a solution that riders with such phones are currently using.

 Submitting Bonuses
+ All bonus submissions must be submitted while you are at the bonus location, if you feel the location is unsafe due to traffic or bad neighborhood etc: You may go to a safer spot to send your photo. We doubt anyone will have this issue.
+ Network coverage areas and acts of nature can have an impact on when your submission actually leaves your phone. We’ve become adroit at knowing when this happens and are very lenient.  However:  As a rider it is your responsibility to ensure that outbound emails submissions are not stockpiling in your phone.
+ NO SANDBAGGING BONUSES. We were lenient with this last year -The few instances that we saw last last year were not malicious, but rather laziness or human error.  We can tell when sandbagging is occurring. Your fellow riders are making the effort to send submissions at every bonus, fairness requires that you do the same.  It also creates a better experience for all involved.

Have been redesigned this year.
+ There will not be a back-side, you are encouraged to print two “fronts” and laminate them back to back.
+ There will be a blank area on you placard, you are encouraged to personalize this any way that you want.   Pictures of your dog, notes to mom, artwork, crazy comments -whatever you want.    Yes, you can personalize under or on top of your lamination.

+ Pictures size: Ballpark of 75KB to 150KB is ideal. It is to your disadvantage to send giant photos and we really encourage you to not send pictures over a megabyte in size. On an iPhone “size medium” is perfect!
+ We will be primarily scoring off the primary (small) picture on the site and not the original size. This is to keep the advantage of fancy phones to a minimum. It will require that all riders get close to the bonus. This is a benefit to all. We want to keep the original (large) picture and link to it, but this is a courtesy to the rider and spectator.
+ Last year we allowed a 2nd “supporting” picture. Not the case this year, it doesn’t mix well with this year’s automated scoring. You will be scored off of ONE picture for each bonus submission, so put some thought into your picture. When signage or other bonus criteria is not perfect, keep in mind your submission will be primarily scored on the basis of whether it looks like other riders’ pictures of the same bonus.
+ Fancy phones such as iPhone and similar: Landscape (phone sideways) pictures usually work the best for most bonus types and you’ll see they’re more desirable to view on the site. We encourage you to submit in “landscape” orientation.

**REMINDER** Public comment area and scoring questions
The public comment area is an area to cheer on other riders.  It is *NOT* the place for  scoring questions, appeals, whining or any reference to scoring.  Such posts will be deleted.
Requests for reviews should be done on the review form here and any general inquires about scoring should be done via the contact form here

There are three options for pillions this year.

1.) Rider and pillion are scored as one. Both rider and pillion must sign up for the rally, but their score is done under a single line item. Pillion and placard must be in all bonus submissions.  If the pillion is not in the picture, no points will be earned. If the primary rider wants to earn his/her own points without the pillion on solo rides, this is not a good option.

2.) Rider and pillion each claim their own submissions. Each one is required to submit a picture with the needed criteria and their own placard. They are truly viewed as and scored as independent riders.  This means their own individual email account that pictures will be sent from. If your pillion is part-time rider, and/or if sometimes on his/her own bike, this is a good option.

3.) Pillion is along for the ride, not in the rally. No crime in this. Pillion will not earn any points, is not a rally participants and is just along for the ride (kinda like luggage).

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