The BMR is a very grass-root event that is only possible because of the contributions of many people. The primary team of folks making BMR2013 happen, include the following HMFIC’s:

Roger_Van_Santen -HMFIC of HMFIC’s and Karma Builder.
Roger is our steady ship and “Go-To” decision maker.  Also works to keep us our karma in top form with the motorcycle community.

John_Langan, -HMFIC of Bonus Listings.
John is the man behind the 2013 bonus listings and rally theme. John brings in a brilliant tenure of rally experience and a heavy-pour of good moto-bike fun.

The Scoring Team
We’ve got a great team in place for scoring.  Tim Timmons, Justin Philipson and DeVern Gerber comprise the team. Tim proved invaluable last year, Justin is a natural and has contributed in many ways both on and off the radar to the BMR -Truly an over-achiever. DeVern has a strong tenure of moto-bike fun and wonderful wisdom. This is the fastest growing and most important division in the BMR -and we’re looking to add a few good volunteers to support the scoring efforts. If you, or someone you know, is a good candidate: Please Point Them HERE.

-Part time employee and helps where he can.


We’re looking for volunteers, -and some areas where we could use help:

* Scoring.
Ideal person spends too much time in front of a computer, is a team player and has a decent internet connection.

* Banquet
We’ve got some great things in the mix for the banquet this year, and we’ll need some help with the general outline as well as organization. If you like to plan/organize and be engaged with fun things, your help may be of great use here!

If you’d like to help, please let us know:

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