BIG Bare Bottom BRUISE Award

BIG Bare Bottom BRUISE (B4) Award

#007 Mitch_Palmer is sponsoring this award.

Mitch will bottle up a 32 oz’er of
his home-brewed Bare Bottom Brews Pale Ale (complete with custom label designed exclusively for this rally and this award).

This bottle will go to the person who entertains us with the “best bruise” (most embarrassing moment) of the 2013 rally.

Here is how this will work:
While out riding in BMR2013, if find yourself in an embarrassing moment that you would never consider sharing with the world, well now maybe you have a reason to share it!

Examples might include:
- Tipped over bike
- Out of gas at a firestation

Fine Print:
All bonus submissions that meet BMR criteria (BBP) and sent with the intent to earn points are automatically eligible to win.
Winner must be present at the finishing banquet to *enjoy* the award, -BUT, if the winner is not present: We’re gonna open the bottle and consume its contents anyway. In short you’ll get recognition and a laugh at our expense, but we’ll enjoy your award!

Mitch alone will judge and choose the winner. Hints of the criteria he may use to score:
- Your story/narration of the event, it will need to be within your post.
- Comments/Reaction from other riders.
- “People’s Choice” scoring/ranking.

So Here Is Your Chance
To be rewarded for making that extra effort and sharing that moment that you would typically not share with anyone. Best of fun and luck.




If you have a contribution that you would like to make toward the BMR, please go here(click)

14 thoughts on “BIG Bare Bottom BRUISE Award

  1. Can we nominate someone that did something embarrassing during the BMR, but did not tell? And have pics to backup the claim???
    Perhaps the ‘blackmailer’ award? :)

  2. thats cool…I just found this page and then found out Im winning! What am I going to do at work when this rally is over?

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