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Consistent with all aspects of this rally, all attempts have been made to keep the cost low and the value high. The main focus of the banquet is to showcase the amazing efforts and fun that we’ve seen during BMR2013. It will also be a great venue for you to meet and share stories/fun with other riders. Those who attended last year will tell you that it’s not a traditional banquet, and this year we have MUCH more in the mix.

May 25, 2013
Carson Valley Inn
1627 US Highway 395 N Minden, NV 89423 / (775) 782-9711
(Do *not* attempt to book your rooms yet!  Use your discount code provided when you buy your banquet ticket.

The location is awesome and the comments from last year’s attendees were all positive.  Being at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas, you have limitless options.  The immediate area offers great sites and fantastic riding.  Also, inexpensive airfare into Reno for those who choose to fly. Some riders are planning to have their spouses fly in. Some riders are taking mini-vacations in the area. New this year local vendors are offering specials promotions to BMR riders. You will receive these with your receipt of payment.

(Note: Wagering on riders is not allowed in the scoring area, but feel free to ask the Casino Sportsbook if they will accept your bets)


There will be ancillary thing to consider, such as the
Texas Stampede
..and other things will be coming into the mix as well.


Below is a preliminary schedule. Know that there will be things added to the mix:

Friday May 24
+ No-Host Basque Dinner for any who choose to join the group. (details coming)

Saturday May 25
+ 7:00am -Scoring room opens (besides the scoring visible on large screens, this is an area for riders and spectators to meet/greet and socialize).
+ 7:01am -FREE BEER available for participants who are done riding. Yes we’re keeping this tradition.
+ 7:00am -Noon, live (real-time scoring as we see riders from near and far get in their final bonuses)
+ Noon -End of rally
+ Noon-4pm Scoring room open to socialize with old and new friends. / Tire-kicking and bench-racing in the parking lot.
+ 4:00pm to 5:00pm -Scoring room enlarged into banquet room (stick around and help!)
+ 5:00pm to 6:00pm -Socializing no-host bar available
+ 6:00pm Dinner/Banquet/Presentations/Guest Speaker /no-host bar available
+ 9:00pm’ish Banquet over but frivolity for those that wish to continue available.

Sunday May 26
+ Various No-Host breakfasts.

Non Participants are welcome.  -we’ve done this to not only share fun with all who want to be a part, but doing so helps us keep the costs lower for everyone.
Note: Only those registered (paid) for the banquet will be allowed in the scoring area during the day.

Participants:  $49.69 -and riders can buy additional tickets for family/friends.
Non Participants:  Tickets are $55.69 each.

The Carson Valley Inn has blocked a group of rooms for us at discounted pricing. The discounts are for an assortment of rooms types in both the primary hotel and the Motor Lodge as well as RV facilities. When you purchase your banquet ticket you will be directed on how to reserve and pay for your room. Keep in mind you are under no obligation to stay at the CVI, and the discounted rate only applies to banquet attendees.


Guest Speaker:
Tom Austin

We are very fortunate to have Tom Austin as a guest speaker and the presentation that Tom will give is OUTSTANDING.

How good is it? Here are a few trusted testimonials:

"When I became curious about riding further than around the driveway, the first thing I did was seek out Tom Austin for advice. I even went all the way to California to see a special presentation. I learned more about long distance riding from Tom Austin in 45 minutes than I have learned from my dad in 3years!"
-Grace Austin -Reno NV
"I attended Tom Austin’s special presentations on Long Distance Riding.  Tom has been able to concentrate many years of experience into a compact presentation. Every word is a lesson and every topic a treasure that could take a rider years to learn on their own. Tom Austin gives this advice away and anyone not paying attention will miss some of the most valuable information in the industry/sport. On top of it all, Mr. Austin is a well-organized and gifted presenter. (And he lets me ride his bike!)"
 -Mario Winkleman, Owner/Founder LD Comfort.
"Tom is more cool than Fonzie and this presentation will "connect the dots" to all of those questions you currently have about LD riding.  13Thumbs-Up!"
-RenoJohn Austin -Reno NV

Purchase Tickets:

  • How Many BMR Banquet Tickets?
    Your Name:
    Rider Number / or "None"

    Once your payment is received PayPal will provide you with a link to a page containing codes and booking information for the Carson Valley Inn. Should you miss or lose this link, please contact us.
    They have various lodging options (even an RV park).  Also, they will allow you to increase your stay +/- at discount rates. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO STAY HERE.  However, we don’t believe it will be possible to beat the value of being at the same place as the banquet -as they have provided us good pricing on rooms with various options.

  • No banquet refunds will be given, period.  HOWEVER:  You are welcome to transfer  your ticket to anyone you choose (up until May01).   So, if something comes up and you can’t make it ..just let us know the name of the person who will be using your ticket and we’ll do the transfer N/C.  
We very much believe this will be a great time and we’ve got some good  things on the agenda.   We hope to see you at that Carson Valley Inn on May 25.

7 thoughts on “Banquet Information BMR2013

  1. I have registered for banquet and have a two bed room secured in the MAIN HOTEL for Friday and Saturday nights.

    One bed is available for NON-SMOKER.

    reply here via comment or ping me direct:
    ecannon (at)


  2. It seems that some people, after paying, are not being directed to the discount code and information form etc…

    If you have paid, and were not directed to that information please Contact our part time employee and we’ll get you the codes and information.

    • Thanks. I called them back and now have the correct rate. They had quoted me the wrong number the first time I called.

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