Iron Butt Magazine -BMR Article

Iron Butt Magazine approached BMR about an article for their magazine.

Of course we were flattered!!

Now that article is in the 2012 Winter Edition and available for Iron Butt riders to read during the cold winter months.  (while BMR participants are out riding!)

Seriously, this is really great and the timing is perfect as the much improved BMR2013 kicks-off.  We’re very thankful for our groovy friends at Iron Butt Magazine.

Be sure to subscribe to this great publication, at the very least make sure you get the 2012 winter issue.

Clickto subscribe to Iron Butt Magazine

8 thoughts on “Iron Butt Magazine -BMR Article

    • Well, for you Mitch, its extremely hard. You need to move the mouse cursor on your computer, that’s the large screen thingie in front of your face, to the picture and push the left button of the mouse. I know this is hard, so wait a bit and I will stop by to show you how.
      : > O no he dinnt

      • Hmmm, tells me how to subscribe, but not whether I can buy it at the store on the way home tonight.

        Oh, and methinks you popped the top on that beer too early, Del… LOL

        • The answer to that, unfortunately, is no and ummm no. However, the case of Asti Spumante I got for Christmas IS half gone.
          You can only get the mag from the IBA store if not by subscription.
          And, I will bring it by tomorrow.

  1. It was a great article. Regarding the question of where to get magazines, the IBA recently asked their members if they had contacts at their local dealerships to see about sending some magazines to them to broaden the awareness of Long Distance Riding. Most likely they are older editions, but it may be worth swinging by your favorite dealership and checking.

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