Clarifications and Corrections -Bonus Listing

This page contains all Clarifications and Updates for BMR2013.   It is your responsibility as a rider to check here often.

**Very important**:

Fire Station theme waypoints and coordinates in the Rally Pack lists, are meant as a starting point for rider research. Approximately 70 percent will be at, or near to the fire station. 25 percent will put you in the correct town (which for the most part are small). 5 percent could have significant errors. It is incumbent on the rider to verify actual location, before proceeding to any given fire station.

The adventurous may want to head out without due diligence and have fun interacting with the locals to fine-tune your 'final-approach' to the bonus. This is likely the most efficient and certainly the most fun. As an example, this statement is on the Grays Harbor fire station website and similar statements were encountered on other sites: “MapQuest and other mapping systems including the Grays Harbor County website DO NOT have the correct address.”

This particular stations’ address is correct in the Dec 10 correction release.

Remember a larger town may have more than one fire station, so make sure you ask for the correct name when asking directions. Reporting agencies use differing criteria when reporting an address for a fire station. If for instance there are three fire stations in a Fire Protection District, some will report individual station addresses while another will report the headquarters or administration office address. Often in small towns the reported address is the town hall. For purposes of this rally the address in the Rally Pack will take precedence, which hopefully will make it easier for the rider.

If the listed address in the rally pack leads to an automobile dealer, private residence, hot dog stand, or anything other than a government or quasi government building, it’s time to go to Plan B. Try the listed latitude/longitude waypoint and if that fails place yourself at the mercy of the locals and this goes especially for the guys, stop and ask directions.

If the rider does not find a fire station at the address, but instead finds a headquarters, admin building, town hall, or other government or quasi government building, take a picture of the sign designating it as such, along with placard and motorcycle and be on your merry way. Please note the name change when sending the picture. An example of this is the Lake Stevens, Washington, address, for the Lake Stevens Fire Department.

When the rider arrives there he/she will find an administration building. Take the picture and note it as such with the submitted picture. In rural areas the address will be listed with a town name. That town may be five miles or more from the fire station location. It’s just the nature of state and local jurisdictions. An attempt was made to place waypoints at the correct location, but rural roads are not represented well in the mapping programs when it comes to a numbered address, so expect errors in the waypoint location, but the address should be as reported by the agency.

Update your bonus listing (AND CHEAT SHEETS) with the information you find on this page. Updates will be listed with date -newest always placed on top.

January 27, 2013:  (Update # 5)

List of updates. Please make corrections in all of your paper an electronic media.


January 09, 2013:  (Update # 4)

“There have been code changes to the “Extra Points” section of the National Forests bonus theme. Please printout page 32 of the rally pack and use those codes going forward.” Page 32 Save/Download HERE Note: Initial Bonus Listing BMR2013 as of today reflects these changes.


January 06, 2013:  (Update # 3)

GE003 Breakfast King 36.70614 -107.98561 545 S Bloomfield
Blvd Bloomfield NM (It is shown as AZ in the bonus listing)


December 13, 2012:  (Update # 2)

The correct address for FS031 :
FS031 Patterson VFD 35.25700 -91.23493 110 W Pine Patterson AR

December 10, 2012:  (Update # 1)

You can also Right-Click HERE to download/save the above PDF

Fire Station Map Files Have Been Updated:
Mapsource:  Right Click Here to download/save

GPX File Right Click Here to download/save

Streets and Trips Right Click Here to download/save (remember, if your version of streets and trips doesn’t like this file, import the GPX file)


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