Final Instructions

This page must be reviewed and acknowledged before you can download your individual BMR2013 placard.

F I N A L    I N S T R U C T I O N S

You’ve been given a lot to digest.  From information scattered all over this website to a big fat bonus listing and the accompanying clarifications……

We’re going to cover some very important things.
We’ll be concise, you be attentive.

1.)  Safety
Please remember that riding a motorcycle is an inherently dangerous endeavor.  Safety should be an overriding concern when riding and that includes the BMR.  This is a winter rally, don’t compete with Mother Nature.  She’ll win handily

There are no mandatory bonuses in this rally.   There is not one single bonus that is worth more than a few points.   If a particular bonus location is not safe because of a snowbank, traffic or any other of the infinite possibilities:  KEEP GOING.  Cuss inside your helmet if you must …and continue on to the next bonus.

2.)  Good submission pictures.
Bonus/Bike/Placard is the standard criteria unless stated otherwise.  Simple, yet we see a wide range of interpretation.  Let’s clarify:.

Spend some time on this page to learn criteria and expectations.  (CLICK)

Ride *TO* the bonus, ample bike and placard with the “MEAT” of the bonus filling up a significant portion of the picture. Typically picture taken within 5 feet of bike/placard.

3.) You may not always agree with a scoring determination.
If this happens to you:  Take a deep breath and in a relaxed but timely manner from the comfort of your wood stove and hot cider -use this form to respectfully challenge a scoring decision.  The respectful attitude and concise information that you provide will be reciprocated in the final determination.

4.)  NO SANDBAGGING.   We’re serious.  Send your pictures promptly, from the bonus location.   If it’s not safe to do so at the bonus location -go a few hundred yards or whatever it takes to get into a safe position and then send the picture.

5.)  Your competitors are your teammates and friends.
Cheer them on, encourage them to reach finisher status.  And have fun with them.  The fun very well may include a good-spirited razzing if they have it coming, but make sure you know that person well enough to razz them!  If you’re not sure:  Deliver sugar, not vinegar.

6)  NO SCORING DIALOGUE on the comment section of the site.
Expect such to be immediately deleted with prejudice.  Questions/concerns should be sent to the appropriate area via the general scoring question form.  Your respectful questions will be reciprocated with respectful answers.

7.)  The BMR is doing a lot of innovative and new things.
Much of what we do is on uncharted water.  Much of what we do may not fall under the same criteria as the other rallies and tours that you may also participate in.  Be ever-present of this and know great thought has been put into most every aspect of this rally.

8.)  Consider yourself an invited quest of this rally.
We’re proud to have you in the mix.  There may be a time that you become frustrated.   If this happens, take a deep breath and relax. Then approach us and let us know how we can improve.  Our expectation is that you will approach us with the desire to be a part of a solution, not a part of a problem. Asshats will not be tolerated. Should your attitude or behavior be outside the positive and fun spirit of this rally: You won’t be playing with us for long. Simply put: Don’t be a dick..

9.) Stay engaged/informed and participate
As a rider it is your responsibility to keep up on bonus clarifications and important information/updates.  Check them daily here.  Additionally, you’re going to see your teammates offer up fun in a wide array of things from RTE’s to silly challenges.  Join the fun and lead your own forms of fun.  There is room for everyone to contribute.

10.)  Have fun
If you haven’t already figured it out, you will when you start earning bonuses:  BMR2013 is about “Exploring”.  You’re going to encounter some of the most rural and quirkiest roads available.  You’re going to ask directions from people that you’ll become friends with.  You’ll experience surprises and frustrations.  Both can be enhanced to your favor with smart planning and a good attitude.


By checking the box below, I acknowledge that I’m eager to over-achieve on the expectations listed above. 

Rider Number and Name


A bit much?  If so, please feel comfortable to let us know.  You’ll be provided a prompt and full refund and we’ll part friends with no angst or prejudice.   contact form

* Note:  The placard download page will require your BMR2013 rider password.  If you’ve forgotten yours -use the contact form to request it.

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