PP014 – 2013 is in the books

Thanks you RJ, the BMR Team and Carson Valley Inn for putting on a great event. The Banquet was first rate and seeing old friends and meeting new friends who were virtual riding partners is always a great time. The BMR is a fantastic format, it is: 1. a competitive / non-competitive rally 2. multi-day / single day / half day / ride around the block rally 3. Solo Rally / Team Rally Most importantly it’s what each rider made it for themselves, so we just couldn’t help but have fun, There’s something here for anyone and everyone who rides a motorcycle or knows someone who rides a motorcycle. All that’s left of 2013 for me a is a nice leasuriy ride home. I’m really looking forward to 2014! A couple of side notes: 1. For those who couldn’t make the Banquet you were missed. If you plan on participating as a rider or non-rider in 2014 please try to make the Banquet, we’d love to see you and hear your stories. 2. The Bare Bottom Brew … was everything a great IPA should be, Endo did a fantastic job. Thank you for sharing that piece of the BMR with us. If you like IPA’s BBB-BMR Gold isn’t available in stores … you’ll need to head to your nearest BMR Banquet for a sample.

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5 thoughts on “PP014 – 2013 is in the books

    • Yes Indeed. Was good to meet everyone – some old friends, and some new friends. Looks forward to seeing you all next year!


  1. Gee whiz great riding in the ibr too. I tried following your spot and kept up for the most part. There’s a BBB for you in CC :-)

  2. BBB in cc … excellent, i’ll let you know when i’m in route. maybe we can have wrap that around a Basque meal?

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