7 thoughts on “PP ?

  1. I rolled over 5,000 for the year on my way home from my last bonus yesterday, so that puts me at about 34.72 including all my other riding for the year.

  2. Best guess has me at 26.18. I know I’ve put on 9000 miles in the last 7 weeks, not all BMR related Also had the other bike at the beginning of the year…

  3. My total BMR miles, 8,227 works out to be 16.29 mi per point. 98% of the mileage traveled was in WA, OR and ID.

    Too many smiles per point to calculate… Great Fun!!

    Keep Going!

  4. Looks like I put in about 13320 miles. That does include the JAX Pizza Party (5000) and the TLNS (3000). Comes out to .03 points per mile or 36.9 miles per point… Great fun!

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