6 thoughts on “PB003

    • I’ve new to rallying but have enjoyed following along. I think I’m starting to figure out most of it, sure learning a lot.

      Hope this isn’t a dumb question but what is going on in the pictures on this rally flag? Most others make sense but I’m lost on this one.,

      Thanks, Dave in Ohio.

  1. Boyter, you over achiever!! Unlike you, I don’t have anything to prove ;-) . Come over for dinner anytime!!!

    Justin would be correct, however, Dave S in Ohio, here’s what happened:

    That’s this cop I know who is apparently not smarter than the average kitty. First, I managed to remove his duty belt, weapon, handcuffs, etc. all of that stuff. Then, as you can see, I wrestled him to the ground (easily. It was almost like he was cooperating!!) and kicked him in the head a few times in an effort to beat some sense into him. I don’t think it worked. I’ll kick harder next time. I didnt realize how thick his skull was. He must have had some kind of distress beacon that was silent but sent a signal to his back up because they arrived as you can see in the last photo. They were ready for a fight, but not with the likes of me. Silly boys. When will you guys learn???? Not yet, obviously :-)

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