About 117 Lynn_Dimick

I started riding in 1977 on a Honda CB350. I 'moved up' to a Yamaha RD400D in 1979. I put away the motorcycles until 2001 while my wife and I raised our 5 children. At that time I picked up a new Yamaha YFZ600R to cut time on my commute and to have some fun. In 2007 I moved up to a Goldwing because I wanted to add some comfort to my commute. Man, what a difference!
About this time I heard about the IBR and thought it would be fun to try out. So a couple of years ago I decided to go see my grandmother on her birthday. I enjoyed some cake and headed for home. 1,113 miles in one day. What a rush! Now I am trying out some rallies. I doubt that I will ever get to the point of having enough time to do multi-consecutive day type rallies but I enjoy the 8-24 hour rallies and I am using these long-time rallies to hone my ride planning and stop management skills.
Much of my interest was parked by all of the trips taken across the Western US and always wondering, "I wonder where that road goes" as I hurry past on the interstate. (Where does ZZYZX RD go and why is it there?)