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2012 BMR Finisher. I had a blast in 2012. Unfortunately, I only had four dedicated bonus collecting rides. Also I intended to complete the BMR entirely on a NINJA 250. The NINJA needed an engine rebuild in February. Long story short it's still being worked on. Since then a Second NINJA 250 has come to the garage.  2013 promises even more fun. With two NINJA's I'm refocused on completing the BMR all on the NINJA 250. I'm also hoping to increase my dedicated bonus hunting days and have a goal of collecting bonus's in eight separate states and cover a minimum of 10,000 miles. check my spotpage and posts to see how I'm doing.

PP014 – 2013 is in the books

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Thanks you RJ, the BMR Team and Carson Valley Inn for putting on a great event. The Banquet was first rate and seeing old friends and meeting new friends who were virtual riding partners is always a great time. The BMR is a fantastic format, it is: 1. a competitive / non-competitive rally 2. multi-day / single day / half day / ride around the block rally 3. Solo Rally / Team Rally Most importantly it’s what each rider made it for themselves, so we just couldn’t help but have fun, There’s something here for anyone and everyone who rides a motorcycle or knows someone who rides a motorcycle. All that’s left of 2013 for me a is a nice leasuriy ride home. I’m really looking forward to 2014! A couple of side notes: 1. For those who couldn’t make the Banquet you were missed. If you plan on participating as a rider or non-rider in 2014 please try to make the Banquet, we’d love to see you and hear your stories. 2. The Bare Bottom Brew … was everything a great IPA should be, Endo did a fantastic job. Thank you for sharing that piece of the BMR with us. If you like IPA’s BBB-BMR Gold isn’t available in stores … you’ll need to head to your nearest BMR Banquet for a sample.

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According to the old man that lived in Davis Creek his whole life this is the VFD that serves Davis Creek Sincerely, Kurt Sent from my iPhone

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