Just a final post to let everyone know I am home safe and sound A big thanks to Steve for being such a great host in Salt Lake City and even bigger thanks to John in Nevada I had a great time and sure hope to see you all again. Ride safe and have fun. Jeff K — Sent from my phone with K-9 Mail.

BMR / Team Harrison

There will be a lot of post-rally details thrown out in the next days …but I didn’t want to wait on this.

Those of you at the banquet know that the Seven-Eleven riders did a stellar job raising money for Team Harrison.  But we had some unexpected donations from those of you at the banquet.   Awesome job!! and you know who you are!!   Again the money donated here is  on top of the donations of Seven-Eleven Riders.   

Money donated at the banquet for team Harrison $711.69. This was unexpected and on top of what the Seven-Eleven Riders previously donated. In addition to cash, Matt Watkins threw in a bottle of nice scotch for Team Harrison, and the BMR threw in two BMR tool bags and two "Finisher" shirts.

Also:  You may not have seen the great real-time submissions that our VIP participants “Team Harrison” sent in during their Tour de Cure ride.  Yes they were submitting real-time pictures just as you were!

Do you want to see the “finish” pictures of the Seven-Eleven?  Yes, you certainly do.  Many will recognize G. Swetland supervising the finish.  Finger in the nostril signifies riders who completed this one-time-only opportunity and earned the certificate.  Two riders did not make it, one time barred, one mechanical. (bmw BTW)  GO HERE TO VIEW PICS OF FINISHERS OF THE Seven-Eleven

Hard to imagine so many finished after seeing the fun in Utard the night before  HERE don’t miss this enlarged picture of the riders who stayed up very late and note the Alabama couple front and center HERE

Finally, Hundreds of thousands of miles by BMR riders over the course of this rally (details coming soon).   Can’t help but to have a few “Fuzz Encounters”  ……and our VIP’s out in Alabama had a Fuzz Encounter too, nice job guyz, yours was a bit more positive than the others!!   Seem ‘em HERE 

We’ve got a lot of BMR stats, info and stories coming soon, -but we wanted to share the information on The Harrison boys as we’re so proud of our alliance with Team Harrison!! Great job John Morgan and Matthew ….from your fellow riders in the Big Money Rally!

Down for needed maint

As an ending pic; my ft tire after 3 days last wkend riding with some dual sport friends on some of the best no Calif roads – hwy 3, 36, lost coast & various side roads; Turned my P3 into a poor man’s racing slick! Unfortunately my riding friends didn’t grasp the concept of bonus hunting & were unwilling to zig zag to gather add’l bonuses that were in the general area. Was more of RTE (eel brewery in Fortuna & Etna brewery in Etna highly recommended) and back to our lodging for the hot tub. — Dave B.

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121 on the odometer.


Miss calculated just a bit. Thought we would hit 121 miles as we pulled into the house but instead we were 5 miles away and had to pull over on I-84 on a corner to boot. This was our 1st Rally and I’m not sure if its our thing. We love to ride but stopping for bonuses got old. We worked on cutting time at stops and with a little more practice, a fuel cell and other odds and ends it will be easier. So I guess we’ll have to try another one to make sure.


The Dalles, OR

100K – 67mi and DONE!


Team Harrison (dad 50, John Morgan 15 (type 1 diabetic), and Matthew 12) rode 67 miles in the Tour de Cure in just under 6 hours including rest stops and two stops to work on JM’s leg cramps. Great day! Big crowd too. About 330 riders raised $135,000 for the American Diabetes Association.
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