Caution: Yahoo Email Application (Droid)

Craig Chaddock has done some industrial-strength testing over the last months (Craig-N-Lisa) and discovered a few things about Yahoo’s Email Application for the Android based phones.

Below is an overview that should be read by anyone using Yahoo’s Email Application


Just for ‘test under fire’, I ran an 8-hour rally last year using the photo-blog. You won’t have the pressure I did, but certainly I hope you can avoid what I discovered about the Yahoo Mail app on my Android smart-phone (HTC Inspire).

I found the Yahoo! Mail app as a poor client for rallying. The Yahoo! Mail app will only attach photos if you are connected to the Internet. The app even warns you when you try, but the warning message comes up about the same time you are punching in the email address, plus in the bright outdoors I never saw the alert. Therefore I sent messages that I only discovered later that didn’t have the photos attached.

If you are using the Android email or GMail then this issue should not effect you. The native Android email client will attach photos on or off the network, as will the GMail app… if you are ‘off the network’ then the message (along with the attachment) will get sent to your outbox and then sent out sometime when you get back into an area of service. 

If you are using another email application I would STRONGLY ADVISE you test the functionality of attaching files ‘off the network’ (you can enable Airplane mode to simulate being out of coverage and off Wi-Fi) and report your results back to the the rest of us. Will the file attach? Will the message with photo send once you are back into an area of coverage? (disable Airplane mode to get back on to the network or WiFi and see if the message with photo sends automatically within 10 minutes).

Craig Chaddock, LowCal 250


If this sounds complicated, well it might be a tad.  I think the bottom line is that if you can stay clear of Yahoo’s Email Application you might be better off.  It seems the ‘droid’s natural email functionality may be a better fit for what we’re doing.

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