Placard / Bonus Collection

All participants will be provided with a placard that must be in *ALL* pictures.

Placard will be 11.0 ” X 8.5″ and will be laminated.

Sample Placard -Front

Sample Of What Front Of Placard Will Look Like

Sample Placard -Rear

Sample Of What Rear Of Placard Will Look Like

 NOTE:  In bonus listing # 1 there are points for those who wish to print their own placard.  For those who wish to do this, the placard will be electronically sent to you two days before the start of the rally.    You will need to print both front and back, and then laminate the two sheets into one placard.   Any office supply store can do this for you at a nominal cost.

For those who do not want to earn these points by printing/laminating their own, we will mail your laminated placard to you.

2 thoughts on “Placard / Bonus Collection

    • Good question. Those who are printing their own placard (all but one at this point) will get their 5points when they score their first riding bonus points. These placard points will show up on the leaderboard at that time.

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