This rally is very grass-root and participation-driven.

If you would like to contribute in any way that will enhance the enjoyment of riders, you are encouraged to do so

A few thoughts:

+ If you have a bonus suggestion for the 2nd bonus listing, -we’ll certainly consider it. (here)
+ If you would like to help score this rally and help keep the leader board updated, please don’t be shy to volunteer your services! (3rd grade education and basic Excel skills recommended)
+ If you have geeky skill-sets, especially in PHP or MySQL you could likely make some nice contributions to this site and such is welcome.
+ If you see a bonus in your home town or at at favorite town -sponsor a Ride To Eat at your favorite eatery.
+ If you are a vendor or manufacturer and would like to contribute swag or prizes -please let us know. We’ll be glad to acknowledge your goodness.

+  And of course any other thoughts/contributions are welcome. (here)

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