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Q:  Must I have a phone capable of sending pictures via email to participate in this rally?

A:  Yes, you must have a phone capable of sending pictures via email.
Q:  I don’t have a phone capable of sending emails/pictures, is there anyway to participate?
A:  No.   However be aware that there are some very cost-effective phones and data plans out there.  I’m currently testing a Verizon prepay plan where the phone cost $25 and the data plan is only $10month with no contract.   Also, if you want to participate as a volunteer, we may have some really fun chores that we need help with! 
Q:  Tell me more about the banquet – When? Where? Cost?
A:  The banquet will be in Nevada on Saturday May 12.   More on banquet (Here)  
Q:  Is this a competitive rally?
A:  Yes/No   No/Yes.   This rally is a new format and participants’ focus should be on “finishing”.  “Finishing” is not hard to obtain.   Also, because this rally is scored (nearly)real-time you’ll be able to know the status of your fellow riders as well as yourself. Yes, there will be recognition for most points and for the first person to reach “finisher” status.
Q:  How come some geographic areas have more bonuses than others?
A:  Keep in mind that there are 3 bonus listings. Please see the section on bonus listings (here)
Q:  Unfortunately my budget and probation officer prohibit me from attending the banquet …..
A:  Understood.  We’ll miss you and realize that not everyone can make the banquet, but know that your finisher’s shirt, awards and swag will be mailed to you. 
Q:  How do my bonus pictures get from my phone to this site?
A:  Magic.   When you sign up, you’ll be provided with some simple instructions that will enable your phone to post pictures to this site under your unique profile.  While simple, you’ll want to practice a bit.   Also, keep in mind there is a money back guarantee (here) if you give this rally a fair shake and it doesn’t meet your expectations (we’re sure it will)
Q:  Golly, this rally seems like some good fun, and I’d like to help and/or contribute somehow, is there a way to do so?
A:  Yes, go here
Q:  If I stumble across something fun or unique while on this rally and want to share the picture via this site, can I post the picture -even though it isn’t a rally bonus?
A:  Yes, your unique placard has two sides, one for bonus pictures and the back side is for personal pictures.  Please don’t overwhelm us with boring stuff, but please share the fun or interesting stuff.  And remember, your placard is required in *all* pictures.
Q: Can We Do This 2-up?
A: 1. If the pillion wants the shirt, swag, and to be considered a finisher, they need to enter separately and pay the entry fee. Then, they need to be in every picture along with their placard to count towards finishing. You only need one picture per location, with both placards and the pillion included in the picture. If you are together on all bonuses, you and your pillion will get the same score. This is to ensure that an entrant is not on solo rides racking up points without their pillion.


2. If the pillion just wants to come along for the fun, and cares not about the swag and/or being a finisher, they can just ride along to as many locations as they wish. They do NOT need a placard or to be in the picture.
Q: Your question can go here…

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  1. Are all the bonii worth the same number of points? If so how many?

    In other words, how many bonii do I need to be a finisher?


    • Point values are in the bonus pack. For example in the initial bonus pack which can be downloaded here:

      You will see that bonuses are in categories and range from 2points to 15points.

      The 2nd and 3rd bonus listings which come out at later dates may have similar bonus point values (or not?).

      As stated, 121 points are needed to be classified as a “finisher”. This amount of points can likely be accomplished with a week long focused ride, -or maybe a half dozen weekend rides would do it(?)

      Good luck!

    • Great question.

      This site is very grass-root site at this point without a lot of “fluff” -so it’s a manual process. If you have a picture or a brief bio you’d like to share on your bio -send it to BMR2012 (at)
      Please put bio in the subject line. It’ll eventually get there.

      In the near future they’ll be information on how to set up share your Spotwalla info on this site.

  2. Who is running this rally? Can’t seem to find from the web page.
    Other than the tee shirts and stuff, where does the money collected go?
    Is there a charity that benefit or does the money go to the RM? (just asking)

  3. I need clarification (or maybe not). In the first rally pack, National Parks are one of he themes. It says that “Park” must be on the sign in the photo. I guess this excludes Memorials, Seashores, Historic Sites, Preserves, Monuments, etc. Or will it count if one of those words are in the sign. I’m thinking of eligible stamps for the National Parks Tour.

  4. Question

    Can one make a border crossing into Mexico and return then ride to another crossing and do it again? Say one at Yuma then one at TJ or Nogales?

      • Hmmm, in all the excitement to get signed up I must have forgotten that. The memory thing is concerning to my wife lol. I sure hope there’s not a history test after the rally… :-)

    • You may modify the placard size, but keep in mind that reducing the size may make it harder to photograph. If you plan on holding it at arm’s length in pictures, you *might* be able to do well with a very small placard.
      Make note that your placard will come as a PDF file designed to print at 11″x8.5″ so you’ll need to enlarge or reduce on your own.

      Also, because we’re emailing the electronic files to folks: There is no way to enforce multiple placards: —-Hmmm, does it make sense to create an extra and pack it away in your saddlebag -for when you leave your primary at the last bonus? Or, maybe have that wallet-size placard to hold out at arms length for personal pics?

      Remember placard must be in *ALL* pictures and it must be legible.

  5. I am not trying to point out other’s potential mistakes, just trying to determine how picky the RM will be in deciding whether to grant points….

    Two questions:

    1) I see people submitting photos of National HISTORIC SITES, will they be accepted? I thought had to be a PARK. We don’t have many PARKS in my neck of the woods, but plenty of sites, monuments, seashores, etc. Would like to make sure I’m not passing up points!

    Along these lines, I noticed another photo of a national park where part of the rider’s bike is actually blocking the word “park” in the sign – will that be accepted? Case by case if there’s only one location of that name and it’s a park, or not a park? I didn’t realize there were so few places that are actually a PARK!!

    2) I noticed one photo the rider was showing the “no points” side of the placard. Will it be accepted? I’ve been trying to be super careful to have the correct side in the photo, just wanna know how his highness will score those.


    • 1.) Please see the Nat Park Clarification on the Participant Page. Which reads:
      ++ National Park Bonus Clarification++
      There has been some confusion on the National Park Bonus.
      Please read the following clarification on criteria carefully:

      + National Park Bonus must meet one of the following designations:

      National Park
      National Battlefield Park
      National Historical Park
      National Historical Park and Preserve
      National Military Park
      National Park and Preserve

      + The designation will be on the sign and must be in your picture.
      + The bonus reads that the word “Park” must be on the sign.

      If the word Park is used in the context of “Nation Park Service” ”Park System” or similar, this does not qualify.

      Again: This bonus can only be used with the above mentioned designations.

      2.) As said on the week one scoring summary here:

      “We have seen a few photos come in where the wrong side of the placard is used (IE, the NO POINTS side). Folks that have done this have been notified, but the pictures still counted. That will not be the case for any photo’s that post after this message. Pictures that use the wrong side of the placard, from now on, will be just that – worth NO POINTS, and be pretty pictures of nice locations.”

  6. Hey, in the bonus listing it says 369 hazelwood ave. which is the location for the HAZELWOOD, NC post office (which i visited and documented). But the city listed in the bonus directions with the above address is Waynesville, NC 28786. The waynesville post office address is: 523 South Haywood Street, Waynesville, NC. So do i get credit for going to the proper adress but wrong city, or should i have went to the wrong address but proper city….

    • You got credit for going to the proper address. The wrong city was listed on the listings, but I gave you credit for going to the right post office.

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