10 Free Tips

Here Are Ten Golden Tips To Help You Best Enjoy This Rally:

1.)  Don’t take yourself or this rally too seriously.   You have four months to go have fun, see/share some great sites and be a “finsher”.  Enjoy it.  Have fun with it.

2.)   This is a winter rally.  Mother nature is a tough dame.  Keep that ever-present in your thoughts and don’t be dumb.  When the best choice is to get off of the bike and let the bad weather pass:  DO IT.   You have a lot of time on this rally, no reason to expose yourself to bad stuff.  There is no crime in grabbing a motel, some hometown soup and sharing a story or two with the locals.

3.)  Asshats will not be tolerated.  Should your attitude or behavior be outside the postitive and fun spirit of this rally:  You won’t be playing with us for long.   Simply put:  Don’t be a dick.

4.)  If you see that the initial bonus listing has been very generous to your geographic region:   Well, you must live in a cold area!  (or you live in OR or KY, or VA)  Get out on some decent riding days and take advantage of your opportunities.  Other areas may get the majority of bonuses in the next bonus listing so don’t squander what you have!

5.)  Your emphasis should be on getting the needed points to qualify as a “Finisher”.  This will also be referred to as “Passing” (vs. failing).   “Finishing” will earn you a fancy shirt and swag.   The effort required to be a finisher on this rally is minimal.   Perhaps a week-long-focused ride will do it.   Perhaps a half dozen weekend rides from your hometown will do it.  Non finishers will also get a shirt, but it won’t of the same grandness of the “finishers” shirt.

6.)  You may have already noticed that most of the towns listed in the bonus listings are small and have interesting factoids or points of interest.   However, you won’t find any info in the bonus listing other than address and bonus criteria.  If you’re going out for a ride and have 12 bonus towns on your route:  Spend a few minutes with Wikipedia or your search engine before your departure to see if there is anything that you don’t want to miss while you’re in these towns.

7.)  If there is a bonus in your area that offers something that may be of interest to other riders, please don’t be shy about sharing that info on this site.  When you visit a town and have a great meal or experience, no crime in sharing that so that other riders can do the same.

8.)  This format is new to all of us.   Please keep that in mind.   There are a lot of variables in the mix: ….From phones, to service plans to skill-sets etc etc.  What works for you may not work for others.  Also, there are reasons we’re not doing some things that might initially seem like good ideas (using phone time/location-stamps etc)  there are reasons.

9.)  PRACTICE!!!!  People signing up early will have the opportunity to send practice posts/pictures to this site.  PLEASE do this.  Please do this a lot.  Content is not important for practice posts.  What is important is that you understand how to send pictures from YOUR phone and you understand the strengths and weaknesses as they apply to YOUR way of doing things.    Please:   Practice, you’ll be glad that you did.

10.)  Be involved.   You’ll be able to see what other riders are doing in real-time via this site.  Cheer friends and fellow participants on! -And encourage them to get to “Finisher” status.  Sponsor a RTE at a town on the bonus listing!  Lead a group ride to a string of bonuses.  This is your rally, participate and make it fun.

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