Welcome To The Big Money Rally

Dots Represent PO's On Bonus Listing #1; Click Image To View Bonus Page.

You are invited to play a role in an event that will be like no other.  The goals of this rally are simple:
a.)  Provide a fun and inexpensive rally for riders to enjoy and share some great moto-bike fun.
b.)  Promote riding during the winter months.
c.)  Provide a unique bonus collection and scoring experience.

Self-guided rally that will start  on January 12 and go until May 12.  (Yes, that is 4months!)

Designed for all riders, regardless of rally experience or type of motorcycle.

Bonuses spread across North America.   Wherever “home” is for you, there will be good access to bonuses.  Three bonus listings -which will be released on different dates.  more info

All bonuses will be earned via your camera-phone which must be capable of sending pictures via email. (Not to be confused with ‘texting’, which will not be accepted).  more info

Bonus pictures will be posted real-time on this site.  Additionally, (near) real-time scoring will be available via the leader board.  more info

SPOTWALLA -real-time maps of riders who choose to share their rides. Also a “group participation map” that will show all willing participants.  more info

121 Points needed to reach “finisher” status.  Think of this as a Pass/Fail.  Additionally, there will be recognition for the first rider to earn a passing score.  Also, recognition for the riders who earn the most points.

A great value:  -only $49.69 

Entry fee will include:
+ Participation in this rally
+ Big Money Rally Shirt
+ Riding memories that will last a lifetime.
+ Your own unique placard (sample).
+ Riders who earn 121 points will receive:
~ High quality Big Money Rally Oxford shirt -showing “finisher” status.  This is lieu of the non-finisher rally shirt.
~ Misc Awards and swag (details forthcoming)

NOTE: “Participants” who cannot or do not attend the banquet will have their shirt/awards/swag mailed to them.


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