Camera Phones

All participants will use camera phones capable of sending pictures via email. (not to be confused with “texting”) No exceptions.

I won’t go into all of the techno-wizardry here, but suffice to say there are good security measures in place. Because of this, there is an aprox 30hour process from sign-up, (which includes providing your phone data) to being able to post to this site.  Another reason you’ll want to sign up early.

Once you have signed up and your your phone is authorized: You will have the opportunity to test your phone by posting to this site -up until aprox Jan 10. The smart rider will want to take advantage of this and test/practice posting pics from their phone.  (No doubt we’ll all have some good fun as the test pictures roll in :-) )

The most common phones are iPhone, Android devices and Blackberry. But there are other phones capable of sending pics via email. Perhaps you already own one. There are also very attractive data plans out there -some of which are pre-pay. So, for those currently without a capable phone -the options may be much more cost-effective than you realize.  I’ve currently been testing a phone that costs 20dollars with a 10dollar a month data plan -both of which are adequate for this rally.

There will be much more info and details provided to those who sign up.

8 thoughts on “Camera Phones

  1. My phone is able to send pictures via email but cannot (or I have not figured out how to do it yet – its a corporate phone) receive messages via email. Is being able to receive emails over the phone requirement for the rally?

    • Good Question, thanks for asking.
      + most likely your phone can accept emails, but it may not be practical.
      + No, receiving email is not essential, HOWEVER: After each post to the site, a confirmation is sent to your phone. This may or may not cause issues on your end(?) Emails are also sent to you phone when someone comments on any of your posts -and the email allows you to delete their comment if you don’t like it.
      There is no crime in testing and playing, if you want to get set up and pay later (if it all works) ….that may be a good way to go(?)

  2. Even if our phone could not receive emails, you can set your phone up to your regular email address, so you will get your confirmations wherever you get your regular email. The only downside it that you will not get the instant comfort of the confirmation email . If you are really keen on having an phone only email, most phones have an email address which is your phone number (10 digits) at the phone service provider domain.

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