Bonus Listings

Bonus listings available on this page for review / download:

Final Bonus Listing # 3 -The Last 36hours

AVAILABLE May11  00:00:01 (Midnight / Friday A.M) 

Right Click Here And Save To Your Computer (2.7meg)

Seven-Eleven Riders’ Packet:

AVAILABLE May11  00:00:01 (Midnight / Friday A.M.) 

Right Click Here And Save To Your Computer (1.2meg)

===============Past Bonus Listings Below=================

Bonus Listing #2
AVAILABLE APRIL 1st (12:00 (Reno time) 

The listing has been updated 19:15 April  1 (reno time).   Four duplicate universities got past our QC

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(or right-click-HERE-and-save)


Bonus Listing #1 

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(or right-click-HERE-and-save)


Click Image To Bring This Very Cool Map Up In Your Browser -Hover Over Dots To Bring Up Address Of Bonus


Want all of the bonus list #1 post office waypoint data in various formats?
Blood For Waypoints May Be Of Interest To You (HERE)


Bonus Listing #2
Will be available at noon (Reno time) April 1st

Bonus Listing #3

Will be available aprox May 10th (Aprox 36 hours before the end of the rally).  This listing will have some wonderful bonuses and other interesting fun.


All bonuses will be very EASY, SIMPLE, STRAIGHT-FORWARD.  There will be no combo bonuses, but there will be themes.

You may notice in the first bonus listing that bonuses are not evenly distributed from a geographical perspective.   There were many factors including population density, weather, climate and bonus quality.   Keep in mind this is the first of 3 bonus listings.

The initial bonus listing will have well over 800 bonuses plus interesting themes.  Wherever home is for you, you will have good access to bonuses.

The second bonus listing will have bonuses that are a bit more creative, but again very simple and straightforward.

The third bonus listing will be released 30hours before the end of the rally.  It will have an abundance of wonderful sites (trust me on this)   You will want to do all possible to be a part of these bonuses.  There may also be some routes for those who wish to partake in a certified ride that will end at rally HQ.

As you might already know, this rally will finish at Noon Saturday May 12th.  Later this day there will be a banquet for those who are interested in attending.

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