Seven-Eleven Ride

This ride’s primary purpose is to help John Morgan Harrison and Matthew Harrison raise money for their cause: The American Diabetes Association.  John Morgan is a Type 1 diabetic and will be riding his bicycle in the ADA Tour de Cure to support the research for a cure for diabetes. His brother Matthew and their dad will be riding along with him on the Dog Pound Team as they attempt a metric century (100K).

John Morgan Harrison and Matthew Harrison


If you haven’t already done so, please review the flyer which provides basic information on this ride. Click the below image to bring up the flyer (pdf document) in your browser.  Or, to download/save right-click-here and save to your computer.


How does one enter this “Seven-Eleven” ride?   It’s easy, all it takes is a donation to the American Diabetes Association in the name of Team Harrison.  This donation is tax deductible and can be done directly via the American Diabetes Association website (use the below button so the Harrison clan gets credit): 

After doing this please send an email to:   Seven-Eleven (at) and give your basic info.   It’s that easy, you can then consider yourself a participant in this rally and you will be sent a packet of information.

A few basic details can be found below:

06:11am (Reno Time) May 11, 2012 (That is 07:11am local time)
Salt Lake City Utah

The information pack that will be sent to all Seven-Eleven participants will contain Hotel information, discount codes, and all related details. Big thanks to the MERA folks who have leveraged their relationships with the Hotel property for the benefit of Seven-Eleven riders. You are under no obligation to use this Hotel, but it does make good sense and there will be some simple activities.

The route is a good one: 700Miles and you have only 11Hours to do it.  Scenic, yet open -and the three mandatory checkpoints that will be quick and easy.  Because of these three strategically placed checkpoints, there will be no need for odomoter check or rider documentation. Riders will be quickly checked in and out of each checkpoint. Riders will likely see a fun theme and familiar faces at these checkpoints. Again, all details will be in the participant’s information pack.


Certificate: This is a one-time-only ride.  The people who finish this ride, will be the only ones to ever do so. Hence, we have gone to considerable efforts to secure a high-quality certificate which will be provided to all who finish.  No doubt you’ll be the envy of all of your friends with this certificate. Trust us, it’s unique.  Here is a sample mock-up of what it *might* look like:

Mock Up Of What Finisher's Certificate Might Look Like.


"LDComfort will donate a complete set of long distance riding undergarments for the person who
 contributes the most to the Harrison boys, AND finishes the "Seven-Eleven" ride. That will include a
pair of riding tights, a long sleeve riding top, a set of cool sleeves and two helmet liners.

If you are not able to ride the "Seven-Eleven" but still want to donate, you can always pile on a few
 dollars to a buddy that is riding the event just to help them raise their total."


This is a very awesome contribution by LDComfort, and if you’d like to donate to this great cause but can’t ride in it -let us know which rider you’d like your donation to fall under.


12 thoughts on “Seven-Eleven Ride

  1. This is sure to be tons of fun! I’m very sorry that I can’t make this ride, or the BMR banky afterward, due to family obligations that weekend. Please share the route when you are able Maybe I can do it another time when I have to travel from SLC to Minden.

  2. Hey JW, we came to your party, but you’re dissing us? That’s harsh!

    This will be seriously good fun for all that do it. Not to mention some good riding in the basins and ranges.

  3. Well, I’d been eyeing this ride from the first hint of it’s conception but wasn’t sure I could swing the time/funds. Happily, things worked out ok and it was looking good. Cletha was NOT on board to do this ride…. Until she read the certificate. By the time she finished, she was laughing and had realized what big silly fun this was all about. After reading that, she just couldn’t be left out of the fun, and we both donated, signed up and I got some rooms reserved.

    This ride will be talked about for a long time and people that missed it will be kicking themselves for not doing it. Just like some of our more unique rally events in this genre, the people that hear about it later will wish they had known about it and could have done it. And the people that did know, but blew it off for one reason or another will be kicking themselves for not just making it happen.

    We only go thru life once… Don’t crap out! ;-)

  4. Those who have signed up for the One-Time-Only Seven-Eleven Ride have been sent an email with your password to the Seven-Eleven Riders-Only Page.  

    Please let us know if you have signed-up but have not received your password.

    We welcome any riders who want to participate in this One-Time-Only ride. It promises to be some great fun, great camaraderie and a ride you’ll always remember.

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