6 thoughts on “Idaho City

  1. Wow, I love Idaho City -somethin’ just ain’t right about it!!

    Thanks for sharing Jimbo …..and how far west are you coming?

  2. I made it as far west as Jackpot! and the one summit sign I was sure of, Galena Summit between Sun Valley and Stanley was gone :(

    • Holy cow. I was through the megatropolis of Jackpot weekend before last. Hope you had a good time Jim, always great to know you’re out there keeping the roads warmed up for us!

    • Yes Lizzard. Go North on Idaho 21 out of Boise. When you go thru Idaho City, go left on Main St., it’s down about a 1/2 mile. Keep going north on 21 into Lowman though, it’s got some nice twisties.

  3. Dang, was just through there last month on a long weekend trip. Now I have a reason to go back on 21….great road.