My hometown – Temple City, California

Temple City is a small city of about 35,000 people southeast of Pasadena and about 10 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, in Southern California’s West San Gabriel Valley. The city slogan is “Home of the Camellia’s”, and the city seal features a pink version of this flower.

This photo shows a view of the Civic Center, featuring City Hall in the background on the right, Temple City Park in front, with the city’s Band Stand and the Library on the right.

– Brian Casey tcfjr

My Town Pride Garland TX

Resistol Hat Factory or just the “hat factory” since 1938. This was just down and across the creek from my Memaws house. We would chase rabbits in the fields next to the factory. Sadly the iconic water tower is gone. Legend has it that Mike Judge used Garland as inspiration for the series “King of the Hill”

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Home town pride… Woodland Hills / Pierce College

My first thought was that my town is a main entrance to the Santa Monica Mountains. Many a group ride has been launched from the corner of Topanga Canyon and Ventura Blvd! Many miles of premeir bike roads! But since colleges are part of this rally, and I have a son here now and one starting next year, I took a shot at Pierce College. Opened in 1947 w/18 faculty & 70 students. The initial focus was crop cultivation and animal husbandry. The campus still mantains 225 acres and an actiive farm program. One of the last around here! Students successfully transfer to UC and USC schools. Even though most consider this a part of Los Angeles, we live between the campus and the mountains. This gives us a tremendous amount of space and wildlife! At the same time we have access to the city, with the theatre and all the flavors of the world! We never planned on staying but have really enjoyed the last 23 years!

My home town pride. Pickerington OH home of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.

Okay, so I neglected the narration of why this town is special to me. Here goes. I’m not from Ohio. I’m a southern girl at heart. Even tho the people in Ohio are very different that in the south (Arkansas – 15 year resident) I have adjusted and found many things I enjoy about this state. Great roads. Ask me I’ll tell ya! So, anyway it all started when Dave (my awesome and amazing husband) retired from the USAF in ’06, and was hired by the American Motorcyclists Association, here in Picktown, as the Road Riding Manager. I learned how to ride a motorcycle in the fall of that year. That was epic. First time I ever threw a leg over a bike. The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum is special to me because I was the Volunteer Coordinator, as well as a volunteer for the AMA at many different events like International Motorcycle Shows, Vintage Motorcycle Days, Americade, Las Vegas Bike Fest, and many more. I was hired by the AMA 1 year ago this month to serve our over 250,000 member base as a member services representative. So, as you can tell, Pickerington Ohio and the AMA & Museum are special to me because they are a big part of our lives. Pretty much a central part. I am not only an employee of the only long standing organization that fights for your right to ride at state, local & federal levels, I am a motorcyclist. I ride. I love it. I am proud to be in Pickerington, Ohio. I have made many lasting memories here and grown as a person and motorcyclist. I am also proud to be a part of the AMA and to help you all have the right and privilege to ride your motorcycle. Well, it wasn’t brief, but there ya have it. :)

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My hometown- Los Angeles, CA

My home town is Los Angeles, California, where I’ve lived for 30 years. LA has many claims to fame, and probably the most well known is Hollywood, where a vast majority of entertainment programs are produced. So, I’ve chosen my view of LA to be of the world-known Hollywood sign. Originally the sign was erected as a billboard for a housing subdivision in 1923, Hollywoodland, but it has come to be known over the years as the iconic image of the entertainment industry here.

I’ve worked in Los Angeles and Hollywood for over thirty years in the TV business, and I’m proud of the role my home town has played in bringing enetrtainment to billions of people since 1906.

Hometown Pride 56 _ gromit

Frontier Field in Rochester, NY. Home of the AAA Rochester Red Wings who have played baseball in our city since 1899. They are the oldest franchise in the league and among the oldest in professional sports. The Wings are currently affiliated with the Minnesota Twins. Prior affiliations were with the St Louis Cardinals and the Baltimore Orioles.  The statue behind my bike is in honor of Morrie Silver , “The man who saved baseball in Rochester New York.” Google him for the whole story… Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Phone

My Town Pride – Trinidad, CO

This is Fort Wootton. It is a giant war memorial that takes up about half a city block. It was once described as the “the most complete war memorial in the nation.” Nine veterans’ groups teamed up with the WPA to have it built in 1936-7. It has an auditorium and meeting spaces inside.

It is currently used to house the Las Animas County Department of Human Services. There are hopes that the building will be turned over to the local Veterans Committee once DHS moves into the refurbished “Old Jail” across the street. I am not holding my breath. Learn more at

Andrew M. Hall

Live Post From The Field

Home town pride-

Short and sweet:

I live in the huge city of Sweet Home,Or population 9,000. The town was a logging community and in large part still is judging from all the log trucks and tree farms here :)
We are also a tree city for 25 consecutive years. The slogan here is “Gateway to the Santiam Playground”. 2 lakes and a river along with a National forest or 2. A lot of beautiful country around here, and for those that have ridden to the points of Cascadia and Sweet Home- you should have gotten a taste of what we take for granted ;)