BMR / Team Harrison

There will be a lot of post-rally details thrown out in the next days …but I didn’t want to wait on this.

Those of you at the banquet know that the Seven-Eleven riders did a stellar job raising money for Team Harrison.  But we had some unexpected donations from those of you at the banquet.   Awesome job!! and you know who you are!!   Again the money donated here is  on top of the donations of Seven-Eleven Riders.   

Money donated at the banquet for team Harrison $711.69. This was unexpected and on top of what the Seven-Eleven Riders previously donated. In addition to cash, Matt Watkins threw in a bottle of nice scotch for Team Harrison, and the BMR threw in two BMR tool bags and two "Finisher" shirts.

Also:  You may not have seen the great real-time submissions that our VIP participants “Team Harrison” sent in during their Tour de Cure ride.  Yes they were submitting real-time pictures just as you were!

Do you want to see the “finish” pictures of the Seven-Eleven?  Yes, you certainly do.  Many will recognize G. Swetland supervising the finish.  Finger in the nostril signifies riders who completed this one-time-only opportunity and earned the certificate.  Two riders did not make it, one time barred, one mechanical. (bmw BTW)  GO HERE TO VIEW PICS OF FINISHERS OF THE Seven-Eleven

Hard to imagine so many finished after seeing the fun in Utard the night before  HERE don’t miss this enlarged picture of the riders who stayed up very late and note the Alabama couple front and center HERE

Finally, Hundreds of thousands of miles by BMR riders over the course of this rally (details coming soon).   Can’t help but to have a few “Fuzz Encounters”  ……and our VIP’s out in Alabama had a Fuzz Encounter too, nice job guyz, yours was a bit more positive than the others!!   Seem ‘em HERE 

We’ve got a lot of BMR stats, info and stories coming soon, -but we wanted to share the information on The Harrison boys as we’re so proud of our alliance with Team Harrison!! Great job John Morgan and Matthew ….from your fellow riders in the Big Money Rally!

Cheer on the riders as they hit the home stretch……

Bonus listing came out at midnight, if you haven’t already been reviewing it, you surely should be.  It’s open to all, not just riders, understanding the thees and bonuses will help you better understand what the riders are doing.   DOWNLOAD BONUS LISTING.

Those MERA folks over in Utard put out their usual hospitality last night and supervised the Seven-Eleven Riders.  Yikes, stories vary, but by all accounts a few people got hurt.   Continue reading

BMR attacked ~ Bounty Forthcoming

Only one more week to go: The BMR has been maliciously attacked and we’re asking for your help.

We knew that we might come under attack. We assumed a pissed-off district attorneys or geeks hacking at the website would be our most likely threat.

**Never did we anticipate a calculated and malicious attack from a fellow rider.

Yesterday, BMR’s North American Headquarters received an anonymous delivery. It contained electronic images and documentation of 295 (not a typo) instances of disparaging, and mean-spirited attacks on the BMR. We guestimate he/she has traveled over 13,000miles to systematiclally attack the BMR.

We are not taking this sitting down. Rather, we are up-on-the-pegs in pesuit of justice/retribution.

Please help us identify this person. Please review these pictures, we have provided all 295 attacks so that you can see the extent of malicious intent.
Click HERE

***if you know who this rider is, or have a good hint as to who it might be:
Please contact Continue reading

News/Update May3

Hard to believe, but midnight tonight will mark 7days until the release of the final bonus listing.

No doubt many will have their tank topped-off, their bike pointed toward the street.  Perhaps riding gear on?   How many will set the alarm and wake up already wearing their riding gear?

 In this final bonus listing: The riders who know how to input waypoints into their GPS and/or mapping program will be glad that they posses this skill.

This doesn’t mean you need to have a GPS, but if you do:  You might want to learn how to enter waypoints 

If you don’t use a GPS:  You might want to learn how to enter waypoints in any of the many tools available to identify the location. (Google Maps, Bing Maps etc are great at doiing this.)

Format: All waypoints will be in decimal format. example: 40.689167, -74.044444

Use the above waypoint to practice, (and no, this location is not a bonus, instead the most groovy girl in America.)

News/Update April30

Time keeps on slipping into the future ……..

Exactly a dozen days to go.  And no, that is not a baker’s dozen.

The last week has given us some great rides and great fun.  Another fuzz-encounter picture:  This time by Scott_B see it here.  This little adventure didn’t keep Scott from putting in a very nice ride.   RTE’s on the east coast and the Pacific Mountains kept some balance and good times.  Great jobs by Miss Kitty and Nancy_L for the RTE’s this last weekend!

Where to start with some fantastic rides?  How about D_Brand going out yet again on a marathon journey.  No doubt some big miles being put on that trusty Goldwing!  Gromit put in a wonderful weekend and brought some of those great (and plentiful) PA bonuses to us!    Great fun following that ride!  Linda_H, a new participant was out again and she put in a wonderful ride and no surprise: kept us entertained.  As this is being typed, endo is engaged in his weekly 36hours-of-madness.  What a nut.  Dave_B decided to wait until the final weeks before claiming his first bonus.  Will he put in some power-rides and get to finisher status?  Let’s all cheer him on, no doubt he’s got the skillz to make it happen.  BTW, Dave and others have added to the GREATMy Town Pride Bonuse

Tired bikes?  Endo needed to give his mount some needed love (and we again saw that automated spell-check makes for fun posts) here.  Timmer, who anticipates a wheelie competition in the 3rd bonus listing wanted the forks in his Goldwing ready and you’ll see how he did that.

We saw the first post of from our “Team Harrison” V I P participants.  These guys are approaching an epic ride of their own and we may see some of their preparation and perhaps some of the ride itself posted here on the BMR site.  We  sure hope so!.  Trust us:  These guys are the bomb,and if you don’t know why, we suggest you start paying attention.   Join us in keeping a sharp eye out for John Morgan Harrison and Matthew Harrison’s V I P placards among the upcoming posts.  

Speaking of Epic Rides:  Only a couple of spots remaining in the Seven-Eleven Ride.  This thing keeps getting better -and it may very well put planet earth into a new orbit.  The folks who are doing this ride are in for a great time.

Hint:  If you don’t know what GUPO’s are, you will soon enough.

…and FINALLY:   Very good turn out for the banquet and we’ll have to give head-count in the coming week so, if you’re on the fence:  Time to shit or get off the pot. (as they say in Nye County)

Continue to ride safe everyone, and not too early to get on the vitamins, -the final bonus listing is just over 10days away.

News-Update April23

OH MY! The Good Times are rolling!

This last week was unbelievable.  So many folks out for rides and the fun was abundant.  With over 300 bonus submissions just in the last few days, hard to even keep track of all the great riding, fun and even mischief.  -.So, be sure to review the many posts.

The RTE’s were popular for point gathering and fun.   With Dennis Y leading the Animal House theme in Oregon.  Don’t miss the pictures **HERE**

Meanwhile high elevation fun in Colorado thanks to Justin.  BTW, Eric V  and his gal snagged quite a few bonuses on the way there.

And how about Jayd and the GLMC having a dirty poker ride where there were BMR points for each completed lap??.  …and the points per lap based on the size of your bike. Off the hook crazy-fun.  Those MN guyz and galz are nuts!!  See for yourself.

Brand new participant Linda_H showed that she can come to the party late and spice up the site with her fun pics and narration.  Matt_W provided a great weekend by baiting us with what he might do and then knocking out a great ride.  He backtracked after realizing he missed some key DT spots.  He showed his groovy-ness by shaking it off with a big dose of needed sleep and he never lost his smile.   D-Brand was out there day and night wrestling that Goldwing down many a NorCA goat trail.  He certainly stretched his legs over the weekend -can always count on Del to be out riding!

Rick took us to some great sites while Tom-n-Rosie got back into the swing and are closing in on Finisher Status.  Meanwhile Ernie took a break to take his vintage car out.    Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite rider Liz found a PO that surely *should* be on the bonus list.   Hint:  It will be on the 3rd listing  :-)  Andy is in the running for the coolest “No Point” pictures of the rally with his latest here  -which some think equals his earlier good ones here -n- here.

And then while many riders were having too much fun in the Cape Fear Rally, -a few of those riders cashed in on some BMR points:  All maxing out on “5″, uhhhh, except for the first BMR rider to reach finisher status JustHoward who only got “1″??  Must be a good story behind that point total and Jim’s smile.  Pics Here

And if that wasn’t fun enough:   WAWingGuy (& Gal) submitted their “My Town Bonus” in video!!  LOL, oh my!, it is precious!    All My Town Pride Bonuses (to date) HERE

….and there are riders out collecting points at this moment,  ..18days to go, this could get really nuts -especially with the Seven-Eleven and the banquet fast approaching.  Are you signed up?  Not much time left!.

Continue to ride safe, and thanks for sharing all of this great fun!

News/updates April18

Many riders have really been pegging the fun meter.  So much good stuff -where to start?  

How about the RTE’s?:   Four down (TN, WA, NorCA and AZ).  Be sure to check out Timmer’s WA report here and some pics of the NorCA one here and here.

Five RTE’s to go with South Dakota , Colorado and Oregon  coming up this weekend.  These all will be great fun and all have GREAT themes.  And then on the 28th Maryland and the 29th SoCA.  Again big kudos to the folks who have raised their hand to do these!

Ride Reports including an amazing adventure by Timmer can be found in the Ride Report section.  Truly worth reading as are all of the ride reports.  And see one comment by Mount Rainier to see the extent he’ll go to in search of summits.  And the My Town Pride submissions continue to be great!

We’ve had a great response on the Seven-Eleven Ride ….and a few spots left if you want to be a part of this epic one-time-only ride.  We can promise the only regret you’ll  have is Continue reading

Scoring Update – Mt. Wilson Post Office

There has been a bit of confusion around the Mt. Wilson Post Office.  GPS coordinates taking some folks to an intersection with some TV/Radio antenna’s.

I have done quite a bit of research – and long story short – this PO shut down about 9 months ago, right near there.  As such, for points, we will award the 2 Post Office points to a photo of the antenna’s.

As a side note (so I don’t have to dig through all the photos), if you took one of these photos – would you please either comment after this update, or email me?  That will be the easiest to make sure your points are awarded.


2012 BMR – Oregon RTE Quiz

2012 Big Money Rally Oregon Ride-To-Eat
Semi-Official Super-Secret Door-Prize Drawing Animal House Trivia Quiz
Pay careful attention to the following instructions, as the answers to this quiz will be used to determine door-prize winners at the RTE, including a paid entry to the Smoke Chasing Grand Tour (, a $27 value! (now THAT’s Big Money!), and a pristine VHS videotape version of our beloved college mayhem movie, Animal House, graciously donated by BMR rider Scott Benson. Sorry, the prize drawing is only open to registered Big Money Rally Riders. Scores resulting in a tie will be broken using Rock-Paper-Scissors. Bring your filled-out quiz answer sheet with you to the RTE for scoring to be used in the drawing.

Continue reading

Update: Seven-Eleven Ride

Those who have signed up for the One-Time-Only Seven-Eleven Ride have been sent an email with your password to the Seven-Eleven Riders-Only Page.  

Please let us know if you have signed-up but have not received your password.

We welcome any riders who want to participate in this One-Time-Only ride. It promises to be some great fun, great camaraderie and a ride you’ll always remember.

News/Updates April10

Wow,  The pace has continued very strong and some WONDERFUL ride reports coming in.   Please take the time to view the latest reports by mr.jimbo , Timmer , J_Farley ,  jphilipson and Mark_S  BTW:  All reports, by all particpants are listed here -certainly worth the time to go through them.  If you have one not listed, please let us know!
OH, and Timmer will once again be on SideStand Up tonight and no doubt will be once again plugging the BMR as he chats it up with Tommy Lowerdermilk.  This show is always great fun so point your browser accordingly and listen in.

The Washington RTE has some exciting news.  ..and they’ll be four RTE’s this coming Saturday, all unique ….with 5more RTE’s fast approaching.

Those who can, please raise your hand if you’ll be taking part in the Seven-Eleven Ride and/or the Banquet.  Letting us know really helps us plan.   Those who have already signed up: THANK YOU!, and you’re in for some good fun.

Book Signing at the WA RTE on 4/14

OK, we’re pulling out all the stops and going to have Lynda Lahman scooter on in to our little RTE and do a book signing for her new book, “Two-Up: Navigating a Relationship 1000 Miles at a Time”. Here’s your opportunity to meet a real author and get a copy of a very worthy book.

…Timmer (WA state  RTE host)

More info on this RTE can be found under the RTE tab or go here

News/Update April3

Already a lot of activity on the 2nd bonus listing. By a big margin, April 1 had the most bonus submissions since the start of the rally. It also seems to have been the catalyst of some big multi-day rides, at least one of which is under-way.

The “My Town Pride” has produced some very wonderful posts, and no doubt more to come. It has prompted a change in the menu.

Under “Posts” we’ve added a category for these “My Town” posts. There will be Continue reading