Appleton WA Post Office -Comment

This fun was actually placed here on this site as a comment.

It is regarding the Appleton WA post office, which is one of the most quaint on the listing (and that is saying something)

Jim Carroll posted:

Just and FYI on the Appleton, WA PO. I spoke to the postmaster there (Loretta) by phone prior to my visit and she said all BMR riders are welcome to come in and say Hello. Very nice lady. She wanted to warn all that the PO has no running water and that the restroom facilities amount to the port-a-potty you see out front. She was quick to add that she has hand sanitizer available inside.

She also indicated that the building that is now the PO was the school master’s home when it was initially built. Almost all of us that have visited this PO surly has seen the school, which has just gone through a complete renovation.

So there you go. A little tidbit of info on one of the BMR Bonus Pts.

original posting here:

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