NorCAL: P_Bansen’s RTE

Here I am with my buddy Pete Bansen getting my BMR RTE points!!

It was a chilly day and a remnants of yesterday’s storm were sill in the mix, which meant for good fun in the snow!!  But for the most part the roads were clear.   A dedicated group of riders made their way to Truckee from both the west and east -braving winter conditions.  This was great fun with GREAT peoples.

My dad took a few pictures, they can be seen here.

You’ll see my friend Claire, she is Jerry W’s daughter and she stayed at my house last night.  My very first sleep-over!

RenoGrace, BMR rider #011

BMR Four Corners Weekend Ride Report

Hey Folks! Just wanted to take a minute to share my ride report for last weekend’s BMR ride. Like a lot of folks I was waiting for the second bonus listing (and waiting for more money!) before hitting the big rides. So, I finally got a chance to get out and do a big miles weekend for the BMR. Some quick ride stats below:

1701 Miles
4 States
13 Mountain Passes
40 BMR Stops
27 Post Offices
8 Summits
3 National Parks
2 Missing or Changed Summit Signs! READ: no points:(
5 Fill Ups (10.5 gallon capacity)
1 Scummy Motel

Route Map:

Day 1 (click)
Day 2 (click)

I hit the road on Saturday morning at 6:45 AM after filling up the tanks. It was a
bit cool down in town in the morning, but not too cold. As a result I made the choice to put on the beaded seat cover at the start of the ride. Well, this was Continue reading

A brief recap of my Easter weekend Ride.

I wanted to post a brief recap of my Easter weekend ride. As you can see I covered 1174 miles in 2 and a half days, not an ironbutt worthy ride but trying to weave through back roads and make more than a dozen stops in a day does limit the mileage a bit.

I had planned on leaving Thursday morning but my planned route would have had me riding right into some nasty Continue reading