DAM(n) Good Fun

Minding my own business in +very+ rural Nevada I see an approaching bike. – swish we pass.

Hey!!! “That was a Dam Tour Sticker”

So I whipped around and chased him down:

Wayne Horner

On a month-plus ride. Death Valley tonight, then on to Cortez CO then to the Navejo Dam in NM and on and on and on.

Amazing fun. Live from the road a bit north of Mina Nevada USA.

Big Bill Murphy. -ToH

Just one of the many groovy memorials on the Tout Of Honor.

To learn more about Big Bill Murphy go to the Tour of honor site. (This memorial is in Tonopah Nevada) (Maybe someone will comment with the exact link?)

And don’t be stoooooopid like me and leave your ToH towel at home!


Dennis and Ernie are attempting to warm up in Tonopah. -approx. 17degrees(?). Heading home from White Stag

I’m warmer than the WA riders. :-) .

…..But they’re having more fun.