NorCAL: P_Bansen’s RTE

Here I am with my buddy Pete Bansen getting my BMR RTE points!!

It was a chilly day and a remnants of yesterday’s storm were sill in the mix, which meant for good fun in the snow!!  But for the most part the roads were clear.   A dedicated group of riders made their way to Truckee from both the west and east -braving winter conditions.  This was great fun with GREAT peoples.

My dad took a few pictures, they can be seen here.

You’ll see my friend Claire, she is Jerry W’s daughter and she stayed at my house last night.  My very first sleep-over!

RenoGrace, BMR rider #011

Snow in Reno.

It’s been intermittent (that means occasional) snow showers today in Reno.

I’m leaving the bike in the garage and grabbing the sled.

Spring in Reno is the best!!

…Grace. BMR rider #011

“My Town Pride” Bonus

The famous Reno Arch is what many people think of when they think of Reno.  It’s been a long standing monument in the “Biggest Little City In The World”.

Many years before my arrival, my mom and dad met just a few yards down the street from this arch, early on New Years Day.

More recently, when everyone was wondering when I was going to come out of my mommy’s tummy.    -Well I’m told that it was an evening stroll under this Arch by my mom that triggered it all and the next day I was born.  Yes, here in Reno.

This is actually the 2nd Reno Arch, but Reno still has the old one, it’s been moved a couple of streets over from this one -near the Automobile Museum.

All Roads Lead To Reno”  That is an old saying, much older than me, but I’m planning to keep it alive.

That’s all for now peoples.   …..Grace,  BMR rider #11

Steel Wheels to Jerry White’s Birthday

My friend Claire’s dad (Jerry White) is having a big birthday party near San Francisco.

I love trains but have never been on a big one. I am too small to drive my own so this morning I got on Amtrak in Reno.

Over the beautiful Sierras and now a brief stop in Sacramento for this no points BMR picture.

Great to see so many peoples out riding today -and stacking up the points. My dad wanted to ride, but he wanted to ride the train with me more.

See ya’ll down the tracks ….RenoGrace #11